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Referral Source Marketing for Law Firms and Attorneys — Part One: Own It

Referral Source Marketing for Law Firms and Attorneys — Part One: Own It

Most attorneys get the majority of their new business from referral sources, but many don’t do a good job marketing to them.

We have a multi-step approach to help attorneys figure this out. We put strategy before tactics, and the first step is understanding and codifying the value you bring to clients — and what you want to be from a marketing standpoint.

If you were a tree…

This is not what kind of lawyer you are but rather what legal services you want to market. There’s a difference, for example, between a trial lawyer and a trial lawyer who focuses specifically on brain injury cases. Odds are that you are actually more than one type of lawyer. Yes, you want that big injury case, but you also want to focus on smaller, “bread and butter” cases. And you want to diversity across multiple practice areas. This needs to be defined before you can identify potential audiences and well-before we start on messaging.

Where do you live?

Obviously, you live in a big, enviable house, but where do you live in your marketing life. Where are your potential clients and referral sources? And this is not just geography, though that’s important. Do you primarily want to represent clients in your hometown, or do you want to operate statewide, or internationally? You need to hone-in on the areas and determine the types of folks you want to market to. Before we can get to referral sources, we have to identify who your end-client can and will be.

Once you define “who you are,” you can then build upon it and then defend it.

Next time, we will discuss in-depth strategies to defining your referral source audiences, as well as some tricks to finding targeted lists and outreach tactics.

–John P. David

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