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Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications: Our Expertise and Approach

At David PR Group, we understand that navigating a communications crisis requires expertise, strategy, and a nuanced approach. For over three decades, we’ve stood at the forefront of crisis management, supporting companies across a broad spectrum of industries—from financial services and real estate to retail and healthcare—through their most challenging times.

Our Experience

Our journey spans more than 30 years, during which we’ve managed crises of all scales and natures, including online threats capable of crippling businesses, multi-million dollar Ponzi schemes, grassroots opposition to development projects, and aggressive media scrutiny. This vast experience equips us with a unique perspective often missing from in-house teams during high-stress periods. We’ve learned that while sometimes a gentle response is required, there are occasions when a more assertive stance is necessary.

Our Approach


The first step in our crisis communication strategy involves a thorough assessment of the situation. We research the crisis’s history, evaluate the reporters covering the story, and develop an overarching strategy tailored to the specific circumstances of the crisis. This initial phase is crucial for setting the direction of our response and ensuring we’re fully prepared for the steps that follow.

Key Messaging and Anticipation

Next, we focus on crafting the core messages that will guide all communications. This process involves not only developing a coherent and effective overall message for our clients but also anticipating the tough questions. Our goal is to prepare our clients to respond with confidence, ensuring they convey their perspective clearly and convincingly.


Preparation is key to effective crisis management. We develop and implement media policies to guide employees on how to interact with the press, prepare executives for interviews, and ensure that every communication aligns with our strategic objectives. This stage is about ensuring consistency and coherence across all channels and communications.


Implementation can take various forms, whether it’s a press release, an op-ed article, a news conference, or a face-to-face interview. We also prepare statements for distribution via email or other direct channels. The chosen method depends on the specific context of the crisis and the strategy we’ve developed.

Ongoing Monitoring

The final phase involves continuous monitoring of the situation and the impact of any related publicity. We stay vigilant, ready to adjust our strategy and respond to new developments. This ongoing effort ensures that we not only manage the current crisis but also safeguard our clients’ reputations for the future.

Type of situations we have managed:

Our blend of experience, strategic insight, and proactive approach sets David PR Group apart as a leader in crisis communications. We believe in not just managing crises but mastering them, turning potential threats into opportunities for reinforcing trust and credibility. If your organization faces a communications challenge, we’re here to navigate the storm with you, every step of the way.

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