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John P. David

John P. David

Meet John P. David - Founder of David PR Group

John P. David brings more than 35 years of extensive experience in strategic communications and marketing, specializing in guiding businesses and executives through complex challenges. As the founder of David PR Group, a distinguished boutique consulting firm, John has carved a niche in shaping personal and corporate brands, particularly under high-stress situations.

Expertise in Crisis Management and Strategic Communication

John’s expertise extends to managing delicate crisis situations ranging from existential threats that could dismantle a company to more immediate issues impacting the bottom line. He has a proven track record in devising sensible, strategic responses to crises, making him a sought-after voice and confidant for CEOs and top executives. Whether dealing with neighborhood opposition in real estate projects (NIMBY situations) or navigating through the fallout of corporate malfeasance, John’s approach to crisis management is both nuanced and effective.

Contributions to Public Relations and Media

John has ghostwritten numerous blogs, articles, and op-ed pieces for top executives, serving as the behind-the-scenes voice for many leaders in the business world. His insights into public relations have made him a respected figure in the industry, and his book, “How to Protect or Destroy Your Reputation Online,” published in 2016 by Career Press, has established him as an authority on reputation management. John’s commentary on crisis communication has been featured on platforms such as the Today Show, PR Daily, and NPR.

Education and Personal Life

A proud alumnus of the University of Florida, John earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, which laid the groundwork for his distinguished career. Residing in Pinecrest, Florida, with his wife of over 25 years, John balances his professional life with personal interests such as fishing, exercising, and fiction writing. His commitment to his clients is mirrored in his personal motto of being highly accessible and responsive, attributes that have endeared him to his clients and peers alike.

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