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Apple CEO Takes Page From LeBron’s Playbook

Apple CEO Takes Page From LeBron’s Playbook

Tim Cook “Comes Out” with Authentic Communication Delivered Directly

When I read Tim Cook’s bylined piece in Bloomberg BusinessWeek this morning, I was more interested in the “how” rather than the “what” or even the “why” of this story.

Cook took a page directly from the playbook popularized this summer by LeBron James – author an authentic, genuine message and deliver it as directly and cleanly as possible to your audience.

I wrote about this storytelling strategy earlier this year, and Cook’s execution of the communications move is nothing short of flawless. Can we expect anything else from the CEO of Apple?

Perhaps a bylined piece in BusinessWeek also fits the demands of a Type-A CEO too. With it, you have complete control of the message with plenty of time to adjust your text for nuance or possible misinterpretation.

On the whole, I think it is rather interesting that Cook, like LeBron, chose a written medium over a face-to-face interview on the couch at GMA or Today.


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