Social Media

The social media landscape is evolving, seemingly by the minute.  We work with clients on maintaining blog sites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts as well as understanding the newest, hottest social media trends.  You can find us on all of the major social media platforms, plus several you probably haven’t heard of…yet.

We understand how businesses are using social media to their advantage and can provide insight into how these sites can help your company.  Are customers commenting on your business on Twitter, but you don’t even know it?  Or from the negative side, are bloggers writing about your business in a manner that doesn’t meet your approval?  Have you created a Facebook fan page? (It’s easy.)  Every day, we help companies navigate this changing landscape.

We also keep tabs on social media sites and look for problems and opportunities.  Would you like to reward a customer who gives you a good review on a social media site?  Do you want a “heads-up” when a client is upset and decides to vent online?  We monitor and track these sites for our clients and help identify trends.

Does the social media world of blogging, posting and tweeting have you down?  Do you want to participate but just don’t have time?  We can help create blog posts, add your news on Facebook and tweet interesting developments at your company to the online world.