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Each morning, I walk outside and pick up my copy of The Miami Herald, rescuing it from my driveway after

Some PR efforts don’t succeed. Last week, Miami Marlins owner Jeffery Loria bought full-page ads in South Florida’s daily newspapers

Last week, a blogger for a national news website wrote a hit piece on one of my clients. Without getting

While the lights were out at the Super Bowl, Nabisco sent out a tweet with an image of an Oreo

It’s nine o’clock on a Sunday night and my wife and two children are watching the season finale of a

Writing a business book offers many marketing opportunities: It adds credibility, speeds-up the author’s chances to be a media source

News broke yesterday that Boy Scouts of America (BSA) plans to change its longstanding policy of excluding gay leaders and

With football season coming to a close and no games until the Super Bowl Feb. 3rd, I decided to fill

The presidential inauguration took on new meaning in our little corner of the world last week when President Obama’s inaugural

Late last week, the New York Times reported Lance Armstrong might come clean regarding the doping allegations which led to

With the fiscal cliff averted and the holidays behind us, it’s time to yet again get back to work. Many