Legal Marketing Firms and Blogging

We love blogging.  Our firm president actively blogs about marketing, public relations and reputation management, and his posts can be found on our site but also on the Huffington Post and PR Daily.  A blog can be a tremendous legal marketing tool as it represents a content creation engine for lawyers and law firms.

Here’s how:

A blog offers a great way for attorneys to express their expertise in a personal manner.  You can write about technical matters, cases in the news, strategies you like to employ during cases or practically anything you want.  If you focus on legal and business topics (which is what we recommend, of course) then you are automatically creating new, fresh content for your website, which search engines love.  A blog should definitely be integrated into your existing site.  (We can help with this too.)

Once written, a blog can be leveraged in multiple ways as part of your legal marketing.  First, you should post links to your blog posts on all of your social media sites.  So post it to Facebook, Tweet it and publish it on LinkedIn.  Promote your own writing and begin driving people to your blog and therefore to your website.

You can also use your blog as part of an e-mail marketing strategy.  You can send the blog post within an e-mail blast to your clients, prospects or other members of your spheres of influence.

Further, you can submit your blog post to online media outlets which may publish it on your behalf.  Many media websites are constantly looking for quality content and will publicize you and your firm in exchange for the right to publish your blog post.

So you write one blog post which has multiple uses and helps you meet multiple needs:

1) Creates new content for your website

2) Drives social media engagement

3) Gives you a reason to reach out to your contacts

4) Gives you a chance at wider distribution

Now you see why we love blogging, and we think we are better at it than other legal marketing firms.  Of course, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Writing is sometimes a tough, time-consuming process, and the related steps for distribution take effort.  But we can help.  We develop blogs for clients and then help with drafting, research and proofing — and then manage all phases of distribution.  We even have experience helping clients secure blogging slots on sites like The Huffington Post and

If we wrote a book on how to market a law firm, blogging would be a big and important chapter.