The Hispanic Market

David PR Group maintains a Hispanic Division to cater to the marketing needs of organizations that count domestic Hispanics as well as Latin and Brazilian consumers throughout the Americas among their key target audiences.  Our Miami location places us at the center of the Spanish-language media universe, and we have helped many of our clients to secure coverage from leading outlets in Argentina, Venezuela, Panama and Mexico as well as Hispanic market publications throughout the United States.  We also maintain strong affiliate relationships with firms throughout the region.

Domestic and Local

Hispanics are the largest minority group in the United States with an annual purchasing power of more than $700 billion, and they represent the fastest growing market segment in the country.  South Florida is one of the largest and most affluent Hispanic markets in the U.S., and our location and experience here has enabled us to work with many of the largest national Spanish-language print and broadcast media outlets on a variety of reports and topics.  Working with Hispanic media requires an understanding of language as well as cultural differences, and our firm has developed close relationships with journalists from the largest media outlets that reach local and domestic U.S. Hispanics.

The Americas

In addition to our work with U.S.-based Hispanic media, David PR Group’s Hispanic Division regularly works with organizations to secure significant media coverage aimed at consumers throughout Mexico and Central and South America.  We have strong direct contacts with journalists throughout the region and work with several affiliate agencies.