Cracking the Code on Wikipedia


One of the Internet’s most popular websites is the free online encyclopedia called Wikipedia.  The site is viewed as an objective source of information and contains entries and listings on the world’s most common subjects as well as mundane and little-known topics.Read More

Sometimes you have to dig in and play rough


One doesn’t typically equate Miami with artifacts and prehistoric ruins, but today the city has a bona fide archaeological controversy on its hands.  And while my knowledge of antiquities is best measured by how many times I have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, I do know a good PR mess when I see one. This tale began earlier this month when archaeologists announced they had uncovered remnants of a Tequesta Indian Village on prime downtown Miami real estate.  The site, called “highly significant” by one anthropologist, includes eight large circles comprised of uniformly carved holes in native limestone that are believed to be foundation holes for dwellings dating as far back as 2,000 years.Read More

Would you appear on Al Jazeera America?

Last December I wrote a blog post about the movie Anchorman 2, and after it ran, a producer from Al Jazeera America called and asked if I would be interested in appearing on the cable network to discuss the marketing of the Will Ferrell movie.  It made me pause and think.Read More

Seahawks Player a Quick Study in Crisis PR

Like millions of other football fans, I watched the NFC championship game when the Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl.  At the end of the game Seattle defensive back Richard Sherman was interviewed by Fox’s Erin Andrews, and he proceeded into an epic rant disguised as an interview.  The Seahawks had just advanced to the Super Bowl, but the only thing Sherman wanted to do was disparage 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree.  The vitriol spewing, wild-eyed Sherman appeared unhinged.  Take a look.Read More

Super Bowl Ads Ahead of the Game

While I don’t know who will win next week’s Super Bowl game between the Seahawks and the Broncos, I can say with certainty that, for many, the best part of the game will be the commercials.  Advertisers have a lot at stake, paying nearly $4 million for the average 30-second spot, and they are leaving little to chance.  They don’t just pick their best commercial and hope it catches our eye on Super Sunday – they start promoting the spots online and on television in advance.  Yes, that’s right, we now have commercials promoting the commercials.Read More

What Does the Source Say?


When I was in high school, I read All the President’s Men, by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein about the Watergate scandal.  Aside from being a fascinating read for a young guy who loved journalism, it was one of my first exposures to the concept of media sources and how they are treated by reporters and editors.  Read More

Long Live Print


Recently while waiting for a breakfast meeting to start at a café in Miami’s Coconut Grove, I overheard an exchange between a tourist and a local who was reading the daily paper.  “Where can I get a newspaper around here?” asked the visitor.  “Nowhere,” said the local.

Newsstands may still be squeaking out income in larger metro areas, but I honestly don’t know where to buy a daily newspaper in my market.  A convenience store, maybe?Read More

Person of the Year?


A few years ago, my aunt Rosie told me of a great Thanksgiving tradition: After the big meal, her family discusses who should be named TIME‘s Person of the Year.  Since I typically distribute my blog on Thursday afternoons, I decided to offer up the question as a topic for turkey day conversation and included a survey in this post.  I have suggested a few nominees , and you can vote for one of them or write-in your own.Read More

Crank-Up the Content in ‘14


Saw my first “perfect gift for Dad” holiday commercial this week.  For the man who has everything, you can buy “super-grip” pliers that serve a multitude of macho functions including, this was my favorite, “safely hold materials when you weld and grind.”  Does it get manlier than that?

I figure if they can start advertising the holiday season before Thanksgiving (and, alas, even before Halloween), then we can begin discussing marketing for 2014 now.  Here are a few things to think about as you plan for ‘14:Read More

Name Controversy Not Just Skin Deep


The Washington Redskins, a longstanding National Football League team, faces pressure to change its name by parties as disparate as President Barack Obama, the Oneida Indian Nation and shock jock Howard Stern.

The president said that if he was the owner of the team, he would change the name.Read More